Design of hotels

Today, design speaks to each and every one of us. The awareness for design is vastly growing in the past years which lead us to apply more and more emphasize on such. For example, designing hotels in which we stay in will significantly affect the level of our experience from the place. After paying our best monies for a hotel, we would like to indulge ourselves in a magnificent entrance hall, a designed dining room and pleasant sitting areas. The spaces in which we shall go through in the hotel, the design of the room, even the doorway – all these shall affect our perception of the hotel, our impression and our general concept of the experience. 

Design of hotels in a special style 

In order to provide the hotel with the right appearance, the customer’s needs must be accurately examined. Since the design will directly affect the level of enjoyment of the guests – and as a result the level of income of the hotel – a special emphasize should be given for such. During the initial meeting with the interior designer, a brainstorm should be conducted in relation to fundamental questions such as:

  • • What is the hotel’s target audience?
  • • What needs should the design comply with?
  • • Do you wish to rebrand the hotel or reinforce the existing brand?
  • • What is the budget available to you?

These questions and others will guide the interior designer towards the best solution for you. Klein Studio will be happy to provide you with a tailor made hotel design together with supervision of an architect and accompanying the project from its beginning to its end.

Klein Studio – experts in major designs

Each project has a different purpose, each space is special and different, which is why Klein Studio will supply a different and creative solution to each customer. We believe in using innovative techniques alongside efficiency and functionality of the space. 

Designing a private residence is one thing, but designing public spaces is an entirely different story. The required knowledge for designing commercial areas, malls or hotels, include understanding of the consumers, their psychology, their movement in space and guiding them to the desirable senses by a right design. We would be happy to implement our vast experience gained, in your up and coming project.

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