Interior Design for Businesses

The external appearance of a business is the first impression created in the eyes of the customer which is why interior design for businesses is a subject to be well thought of. As any child which grows and develops so does your business start small in its scope of businesses as well as its visual appearance. 

If at first, you were focused on finding a number of customers in order to head start the business and cover debts, now, after your business developed and accumulated reputation – it is time to expand. Any business which is interested in attracting more serious customers needs to transmit to such that it is ready to absorb them. This is not said out loud but is rather reflected in the design of the business.

Interior Design for Businesses – Playing in the big league 

If you are feeling ready to enter the big league zone, you should find yourselves a good designer which will supply the design solution required for you. Each space requires different functionalities, each business aims at a different target audience and each business owner has different purposes. The team of Klein Studio shall conduct a deep analysis of the business needs, will define it and consolidate a design which will include, inter alia:

  • • Development and design of an innovative and updated space, in accordance with all the newest approaches in the world of design
  • • Providing an effective commercial answer to retail stores
  • • Reinforcement of the brand and emphasizing the product / service of the company
  • • Empowering the buying experience
  • • Enlarging the amount of potential customers and inserting the brand into the market
  • • Estimating the staying time of the customer in the business
  • • Implementing uniqueness based on values for the design of the business. 

The graphic language of the design

Klein Studio is not satisfied in implementing standard interior design. We provide a total design to each business, taking into account terms such as functionality and comfort, while considering the needs of the business and the customers visiting it. Our design process includes guidance to the graphic language through consulting with brand experts, this in order to reinforce the brand and place it in the center. We specialize in circulation of the customer in the space and know how to direct such to an enjoyable and productive shopping experience for the business. 

Among our satisfied customers you may find a long list of brands and leading companies such as Delta chain stores, Golf & Co, Golf Kids, Crown Plaza hotels, Café Café, GAL kitchens, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Adidas, Harel Mall, Aviation Links, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Lexus, ReBar, Rami Levi, Golf chain stores, Hertz, etc. 

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