Commercial Design

When we hear the term design we immediately think of home design, but there is also the matter of commercial design such as designing stores, malls and commercial centers. Whilst the home design affects mainly our feeling in the home, commercial design is meant to motivate us to purchase or remain a long time in a place in order to eventually purchase more products. Commercial design is based on different physiology elements which, after many years of research, began being implemented on different businesses. We are maybe not always aware, but there is a reason why we prefer shopping in a certain place rather than elsewhere.

Increasing sales with the right commercial design

Klein Studio knows how to attract customers with the right design. The designs conducted by us are tailor made, total design and comprehensive which refers to all of the store’s layers, from the location of the shelves, and until the exact spaces to be done between them. Focusing on the smallest details starting with the initial stage and finishing with the end of the project allows each of our designs to be unique and effective. How so?

  • • Examining the store’s needs, examining the type of products and customers
  • • Fitting the design to the needs diagnosed in order to maximize the customer’s pleasure and remain in the store
  • • Making the time of stay pleasant by different elements which will turn the shopping experience into a more inviting and relaxed experience
  • • Fitting the materials, flooring, colors and furniture to the brand
  • • Many years of experience manifesting in providing an efficient and precise solution

Klein Studio – a designed shopping experience

At times, all your business needs is a change in atmosphere. At times, it needs a little order, changing of the products arrangement and maybe adding a pleasant sitting area. At times, the lighting is not transmitting what you want it to, or maybe you just need a comprehensive renovation which will drastically change the appearance of the store.

You can execute all of these and more in Klein Studio which will be happy to provide you with a commercial design based on a deep understanding of the psychology of the customer, the business needs and years of experience in providing services to leading businesses such as Golf chain stores, Delta, Re:bar, Pull and Bear, Bershka, Crown Plaza hotels, Vehicle Showrooms spaces and more.

Contact Klein Studio now and provide your customers with a designed shopping experience.

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