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Interior Designer, Bachelor of Design degree and M.A. in Interdisciplinary Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Leads an innovative and exceptional design concept, which turns every project into a unique experience. All this with  uncompromising professionalism. 

The rich experience acquired during 17 years in versatile and comprehensive  projects, guarantees the studio customers with a quality solution to their business needs and  their design dreams.

Klein studio provides its customers with interior design services specializing mainly in designing commercial projects (restaurants, hotels, stores, offices and showrooms), as well as designing private residencies and businesses.

The studio includes a young and dynamic team of interior designers, providing a variety of unique and experiential design solutions

Defining a program by the customer An initial design through understanding the context and defining the design concept A detailed Architect design whilst referring to a predefined budget Choosing the finishing materials and the overall colorfulness Implementation of the design and concentrating the project with all its components. Architectural supervision and accompanying the project to its finalization

To know - 3 principles that guide us

The Process

The Interior design services in the studio include a complex and personal process with specific reference to the type of space and its designation. By the end of the process, the final outcome is important: achieving the project’s purposes and a content customer.

Design Concept

The designing process in the studio begins with defining the design concept which includes the elements and relates to such as one unit.




The Interior design perception as a practical art, requires an innovative and original design of space, alongside a space which is active and functional.

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