Designed Spaces

Creating designed spaces in a business shall materially affect not only the visiting customers but also the employees. Should you create an office which will be fun to come into, an office which transmits openness, creativity and collaboration – this will ensure the rise in the employees’ output.

It is important to acknowledge the power and significance of the design. It is not only pretty to the eye- but also substantially effects the employees’ output and the success of the business. The design of course will be affected from the company’s character, whilst the design of a law firm office will not suit the design of a high-tech company. Each space is meant to waken different feelings for the customers and employees.

Designed Spaces – the power of design 

If this is a commercial space such as a store or a restaurant, the design of the place shall affect the purchase experience of the customer and the time of his stay. Whilst the experience of the customer shall determine whether it will return to the place again and recommend it to his friends – the time of stay of the customer shall materially affect the scope of transaction to be executed. Clearly, a person which feels comfortable in the restaurant will also order coffee and dessert by the end of the meal and will not rush to order the check. 

Customer circulation

This is even truer with a store selling different goods. The way and time in which the different products are revealed to the customer, the way it passes through the store and the marketable messages the customer receives will affect the amount of products he will purchase as well as reinforcing the brand in the customer’s subconscious. The customer circulation in the business is only one of the areas which Klein Studio specializes in.

Klein Studio – a perfect combination between innovation and efficiency

Klein Studio believes that each design should be personal and special. Our designs are not picked out of a catalog but are rather tailor made through a meticulous analysis of the business needs. By creating comfort and functionality in the space, and sending out marketable messages to the graphic language, reinforcing the brand and enhancing the time of stay of the customer – we succeed in bringing a substantial improvement in sales and overall experience of each customer and employee.

During the many years in which we successfully conducted hundreds of projects, we have developed advanced tools which will provide you with the perfect combination between innovation and efficiency. Contact Klein Studio now and we will be happy to be at your service. 

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