Modern Interior Design
Modern interior design is a thing which every business, hotel and self respecting store takes pride in. The world of design has gone through ups and down in the past years and turned into a main factor in every home or business.

The Israeli public’s awareness to design causes us to examine a new environment firstly by its design. Business owners are aware of that which is why many of them retain the services of a professional Interior designer which will be able to provide the right result to the business’ needs. In the event that the design does not fit properly or is not attractive enough – the business might lose customers and even close down in the long run.

Modern Interior Design from the house of Klein Studio

Klein Studio specializes in developing and designing innovative and modern spaces with an up to date and impressive design. The design is not only beautiful but also provides a commercial and effective result to each space. Furniture, lighting, wallpapers, colors of walls, organizing shelves, spaces between the stands, the way the isles are built – all of these effect the customer’s experience. By pre-thinking what the customer needs to see and when it needs to see such – we are able to cause the customer to remain longer in a place, making him feel comfortable and leading him to purchase more.

Interior design of a commercial space needs to be a total design based on 3 components:

  • Functionality
  • Form
  • Pleasure

Klein Studio specializes in creating a total design for businesses, hotels, showrooms and major commercial centers.

A meticulous design process

When approaching the design process of a business – it is always a meticulous design process. We realize the great responsibility we carry with us when designing a business since the design will directly affect the business’ income and the extent of its success. This is why our working process includes a thorough research which is meant to understand the customer’s needs, the required functionality in the space, the type of customers arriving and the vision of the business owner. After examining these parameters alongside many others, we can provide you with the best design which will fit perfectly to the needs of the place.

If the success of your business is important to you – do not compromise on a mediocre design. Contact Klein Studio now and upgrade the business with a modern and unique interior design. 

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