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Designing of stores is one of the most important components in the success of a store.

True, it is important that the clothes be of good quality and that the service is pleasant, but which one of us would like to enter a store which is not spacious and not appealing to the eye? In the event we have actually entered into such a store and under the assumption we have purchased a few items in it – would we like to re-visit that store? Has it left us with an impression or a good shopping experience? All of these things are affected by the design of the store. By using the right lighting, original materials expressed by colors of walls, coverings and wallpapers, by creating a correct sense of space and by combining furniture alongside other designer elements, you could create a good and welcoming experience for the customers of the store.

Design of stores- the psychology of purchasing

We might think that all of our decisions are consciousness but many things affect our subconscious and lead to us performing different decisions relating to shopping. The order of products which we are exposed to when entering a store, the colors we meet, the way of presentation, the way the client circulates within the store – all of these should be taken into account when designing the store.

Klein Studio specializes in designing stores and commercial domains through emphasizing on a personal fit to the customer’s needs. We offer great experience and creative and original solutions for:

  • Design of stores and offices
  • Design of vehicles show rooms
  • Design of malls
  • Design of food courts and restaurants
  • Design of hotels
  • And more

Leading design from the house of Klein Studio

Designing stores is our specialty. Klein Studio believes that in order to implement the perfect design, it is to be fitted in a maximum way to the customer. We do not believe in designs taken from a catalog – this because there is no store like another. After a deep examination of the needs, location, type of audience and character of the products, we will know how to implement a total and comprehensive design for you which will fit your business perfectly. 

Among our customers you will find leading chain stores such as Bershka, Pull and Bear, Zara, Mango, Delta, Adidas, Golf and Co., Polgat, Golf Kids, Intima, Showrooms (Lexus Herzliya, Toyota Tel Aviv), Crown Plaza hotels, Acre Mall, Harel Mall, etc.

Contact us now and come and enjoy a leading design from the house of Studio Klein. 

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